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Premium Custom Blinds and Shades

Choosing your Shade

Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds combine style with exceptional functionality. With over 100s of different fabrics and designs custom made to fit your windows with great ease, our collection will be sure to brighten up your house, but only when you need to. Off Cut Shades has an extensive collection of roller blinds in beautiful colors and styles to suit every single one of your rooms, whether it’s a simple design or something a little more exciting and stunning.

Triple Shades

Want your neighbours staring in awe. Our Triple shades are the definition of fashionable light control. Produced with high quality strips of fabric, placed between two soft, sheer veils creating an illusion of blinds floating right beside your windows.

For increased functionality, while keeping stylish, you can tilt the strips to any angle of your choice to alter the level of light penetration from sunny to all the way to complete privacy.

Zebra Shades

Zebra shades will keep your private life safe, while letting illuminating light in throughout the days, and blocking it out completely during the nights. A layer of translucent strips can be raised or lowered depending on your mood to elegantly filter your light as desired.

Zebra shades are the complete solution for venetian elegance fused with the comfort and simplicity of roller blinds.

Blackout Shades

Tired of losing sleep because of sunlight? We aren’t. Blackout shades are our solution to light management that you need. Gain that much needed privacy and protection from the sunlight. Eliminates glare and provides full privacy, optimal for bedrooms, media rooms and anywhere you don’t want light disruption.

Privacy Shades

Protect yourself from interfering eyes and harmful sunrays all at once. Our privacy shades are designed with a variety of fabrics designed to allow you to keep your view, while blocking out anyone trying to look in. Best installed in rooms facing the street or a neighbor, privacy shades are perfect for keeping the inside of your home hidden.

Patterned Shades

Combine light management with exquisite style. Our patterned shades provide you with comfort and elegance all while helping you manage your lighting. Our latest products will leave your friends in awe and you heart smiling.

Solar Shades

Block the light, but keep the world in sight! Our solar shades are made from translucent fabrics, allowing for great light control and visibility. Brighten your homes with comforting diffuse light today while reducing damaging UV light, Infrared rays, glare and excessive loss of heating.

Eco Shades

Our eco shades come with the environment in mind, made from recyclable, energy efficient fabrics. Effectively promoting peace of mind for our planet, while brightening up your room, or darkening it. Designed to reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing loss of heat through windows.